Our Services

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts (BA) automate the integration of information technologies and business processes so that the whole system delivers cost-efficiencies. Our BA team are specialists in the three main disciplines of business analysis:-

Requirements. Business Analysts identify, document, and review the functional and non-functional aspects of changes in IT systems and operational processes.

Process. Business Analysts use the current state and future capabilities to model the ‘As Is’ inefficiencies and ‘To Be’ risks of changes to systems and processes.

Business case. Business Analysts estimate the financial and non-financial benefits of changes to existing products and processes, and innovation in new products and processes.

Product Ownership

Our Product Ownership team assist our clients to facilitate and deliver focused deployment of new capabilities or products into our clients business.

We ensure that functionality is aligned with the intent of the capability and requirements are translated into an ongoing feature backlog that is prioritised to represent business value. We work with our clients to ensure integrity and quality in the product to deliver value to the customer and our client as a result of any change. We assist with identifying asset improvements and high level network architecture that actively contributes to culture of ongoing delivery, learning and sharing of knowledge and techniques in our digital age.

Risk Management

A corporate top-down approach for governing risks in programs and projects is dependent on the identification, analysis, assessment, treatment, monitoring and communication of risks. GESTION’s risk management approach is consistent with the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Risk Management (AS/NZS 4360):-

Governance. Risk managers examine potential events that arise from the systems interfaces and cross-functional processes that lie outside the responsibilities of any one group.

Benefits. Risk managers examine potential events that may lead to the failed delivery of the business benefits from projects and programs.

Operations. Risk managers examine potential events that occur from poor communication, coordination, and teamwork between project teams, operational teams, and management teams.

UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience)

Our UI/UX team actively contribute towards shaping ideas and improvements to existing and proposed experiences.  Our deliverables are fostered in an agile environment to seamlessly adapt to new and changing requirements and meet our clients expectations.

Our team prepare and conduct usability testing and have extensive skills in using tools like Axure for wireframing and prototyping.


Our transformation team builds agile capabilities by pre-planning and project managing the changes needed for implementations of new systems and processes. Agility is realised when new or changing requirements, or shifts in resourcing, can be tracked to an affected capability:-

Solution architecture. Solution architects identify and structure IT systems to take the best advantage of internal information and market opportunities.

Culture and teams. Organisation development (OD) managers assess the underlying assumptions that influence a performance culture and teamwork. Acceptance or resistance of change occurs when marketing new products, implementing new processes, developing new systems, and decommissioning old systems.

Capability. Knowledge and Learning and Development (L&D) managers design interventions that bridge the gaps in understanding and training in projects and organisations.


Our Development team provide our clients with LAMP Consulting Services (Linux, Apache, MySQL, [Perl, PHP, Python] stack items.  We can assist clients maintain and upgrade legacy applications or create custom systems.

We use the Perl programming language for clients where Perl forms their entire line code base. Most project include some Perl components.  It is a language than can be used for any development project and is embedded in most legacy systems. We can work with those systems or assist in new Content Management Systems (CMS) frameworks.

We deliver PHP and Python development solutions ranging from CMS programming through to Custom-built Website development and upgrades. All projects keep our clients scopes in mind and rely on open communication and an eye on budgets and timeframes.